Rocklands Bird Sanctuary in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is home to some of Jamaica’s most exquisite species of bird. This place is a must see if you are a bird or nature lover!

IMG_1917What You’ll Do

  • Feel the thrill as hummingbirds fly around you, and perch on your finger to feed
  • Get up close to the tame Red-billed Streamertail and Jamaican Mango
  • Take a guided walk in the woods to see some native Jamaican and Caribbean bird species
Enjoy the many varieties of birds that make the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary their home. There are Red-billed Streamertail and Jamaican Mango that are so tame you can hand feed them. Enjoy a guided walk through the woods to experience the native wildlife.
What to Expect
Hand-feed hummingbirds and marvel at the variety of bird life at the Rocklands Sanctuary on a 2-hour tour from Montego Bay.

The Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, located just outside Montego Bay, was owned and run for many years by Lisa Salmon, and continues to be run as a sanctuary following her death. Her nephew Fitz is now in charge, and has been associated with the site for 15 years.

The sanctuary is home to thousands of birds from Jamaica and migrant birds who have flown thousands of miles to feed here. The Red-billed Streamertail and Jamaica Mango are so tame that they will come straight to a handheld bottle of sugar water and some will even sit on your finger to feed.

Jamaica has 4 resident species of hummingbird, 3 of which can be found at the Rocklands Sanctuary, but the fourth, the Black-billed Streamertail, is found only on the very eastern part of the island.

Put some seed on your hand to attract the Black-faced Grassquit, Yellow-faced Grassquit, and Orangequit. See the Bananaquit and Greater Antillean Bullfinch hopping around the feeders.

There’s an outdoor patio area where you can sit and watch birds such as the Jamaican Oriole using the feeders. The Common Ground-Dove and Caribbean Dove can be seen around the gardens, looking for the seed provided in the sanctuary.

What’s Included
  • Transportation cost
  • Complimentary drink (Red Stripe beer, fruit juice, or bottled water)
What’s Not Included
  • Lunch
  • Gratuity
  • Entrance fees
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