Blue Hole Waterfalls

Thatch Hill Rd, Ocho Rios, Jamaica (0)
from/per group $280
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The Blue Hole is divided into two sections. There is the main Blue Hole with its turquoise Blue waters that just begs you to jump in. The view is surreal. If you are feeling adventurous there is a Tarzan swing you can use. The Blue Hole is somewhere you want to relax and inhale the beauty that surrounds you.

The other section of the Blue Hole is the waterfall section. This waterfall is around 20 feet in height. There is a path that runs along the river. You will rejoin the river further upstream. The waterfall is a 7-minute walk from the Blue Hole.

You are supposed to have a guide; however, it is possible to explore the Blue Hole by yourself. This is possible if you don’t plan to swim and just want to walk along the paths. However, if you plan to swim or cross the river we would recommend that you hire a guide. The rocks can be very slippery and the guides will tell you the best spots to swim. If you are a first time visitor it would probably make sense to hire a tour guide for the Blue Hole.

The beauty of the Blue Hole is it is not as commercialized as Dunns River Falls (another popular waterfall attraction in Ocho Rios). Basically, you are visiting a beautiful swimming hole and waterfall in their natural surroundings. If you are a visitor to Jamaica the Blue Hole should be on your bucket list of things to do in Jamaica.

Tips for the Blue Hole
  • Hire a guide. You might feel a bit pressured to do so, but not doing so is being penny wise and pound foolish. They will help you navigate the rocks. They know the slippery spots to avoid. They can also tell you whether it’s safe to jump off the various cliffs on the bank of the Blue Hole. Keep in mind there are no first aid station nearby.
  • Bring water shoes, swimsuit, towel and waterproof camera.
  • Avoid visiting on a day when cruise ships are docked in Ocho Rios.
Did you know there is more than one Blue Hole in Jamaica

Yes there are two places named Blue Hole in Jamaica. There is a Blue Hole in the hills of Ocho Rios and there is another attraction called Blue Hole in Westmoreland (near Negril). The information on this page refers to the Blue Hole attraction near Ocho Rios.

Blue Hole Jamaica Ocho Rios price – How much does it cost to get there?

the entrance fee for the attraction is $20 US pp. bring some extra cash to tip your tour guide.


Blue Hole Jamaica – General Information

Entrance Fee – US $15
Opening Hours – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
What to Bring – water shoes, waterproof camera, towel
Tips for Guides – recommended
Distance from Ocho Rios – It is around 25 minutes from Ocho Rios
Distance from Falmouth – It is around 1 hour and 20 minutes from Falmouth
Distance from Montego Bay – It is around 2 hours and 20 minutes from Falmouth


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